Day Six – Art Challenge

I was challenged by my friend, Willena Jeane Belden, to post a painting a day for seven days. This is digital art. I just published “The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries” (A Collection of Short Stories). These are illustrations from that book.melons

Day 6 – Auld Lang Syne – (sixth story in the book) A middle-aged woman meets her ex-lover in the local grocery store.

(Note: This is an okay drawing. Capturing melons was hard for me, considering I love melons and not beets so much and the beets came off excellent. At least I think the beets is one of my best works. One day I will try again on the melons.)

Funny true story, which I wrote into the story – I stopped by a roadside stand about 15 years ago and was looking at the cantaloups. I asked, “Are these organic?”

His response was, “No, dear, these are cantaloups.”

Silly me.

4 thoughts on “Day Six – Art Challenge

    1. Thank-you! Yes, it does, or on my iPad. I use a stylus in lieu of a pencil to draw. I like that it is so portable and that you can back out mistakes. I wanted to get back into painting for so long, but the thought of ruining a beautiful piece of paper intimidated me. Then my son-in-law introduced me to this method. I got the new apple pen which is so much better than the previous stylus. The only drawback to it is that you have to be on Bluetooth to draw.

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