In January of 2008, Chris and I hiked two trails at Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky.  A friend and I were supposed to hike Carter Caves today, but we got rained out. We hiked the Raven Bridge Trail, which is 0.7 miles in length, and the Three Bridges Trail which is 3.5 miles inContinue reading “Trails”

What Is Yoga

Several years ago I managed to do “yoga” for 120 days straight.  Then I skipped a day.  The number of skipped days eventually were higher in number than the actual practice days.  I’m referring to Hatha yoga – A form of yogic exercise that emphasizes specific postures in combination with controlled breathing. This is the mostContinue reading “What Is Yoga”

Size Stretch Pants

  It’s almost the beginning of a new year, and also that time of year, the eleventh hour, when everyone resolves once again to do what they resolved to do at the beginning of the year – shape up, lose weight, and become healthier.  Very few of us do achieve our lofty goals. The otherContinue reading “Size Stretch Pants”

Snowy Trek

Today I seriously bundled up and ventured out in the woods for an hour of hiking.  Two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, two hats, two pairs of sweat pants, a wool sweater, sweatshirt and regular top along with a hooded coat was my attire – Michelin woman.  It was somewhere around fifteen degrees. Continue reading “Snowy Trek”