Winter Reflections from Inside a Snow Globe

  Still snowing, although the weather app says differently. My husband says not too far past our house the snow has melted and the roads are clear. I think we live inside a snow globe. Yesterday, I realized that I use my library card(s) more than I use my credit card. Maybe part of the reasonContinue reading “Winter Reflections from Inside a Snow Globe”

Snowmaggedon 2016

First deep snow walk of 2016. Yes, that’s me. My husband was taking the picture. I was trying to lift my foot out long enough to show off my pedicure. Useless. At last measure it was ten inches and still coming down. Twenty degrees. I don’t last long in that temperature – two minutes tops.Continue reading “Snowmaggedon 2016”

Spring is the Elixir

Yesterday, I got a much-needed dose of spring tonic. I awoke with clogged sinuses. I didn’t feel well the preceding day. It had rained all day. The good thing is that the rain melted off the snow. My husband encouraged me to use the neti pot. That along with several vitamin C tablets did theContinue reading “Spring is the Elixir”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Only 12 degrees according to the weather report, which means it is probably about 5 degrees colder here since we are in a higher elevation area.  We don’t have a thermometer outside anymore but it always registered about 5 degrees colder here. These pictures are from a hike on the farm on January 18, 2009.Continue reading “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Snowshoe Heaven

Right before Christmas my husband and I ordered snowshoes.  Internet research said this was a huge calorie burner.  During December we had a couple of deep snows.  We knew we would have to wait until after Christmas for their arrival.  In the meantime, we spent Christmas with my daughter and her husband in North Carolina. Continue reading “Snowshoe Heaven”

A Blanket of Silence – Silent Night, Holy Night

On a couple of occasions when friends have written something, with their permission, I’ve posted on my blog spot.  Please enjoy this by my friend, Amy.  This fits today, as we woke up to 8″ of snow.  There was a blanket of silence.  I’m thankful for the gift of silence. Silent Night, Holy Night ByContinue reading “A Blanket of Silence – Silent Night, Holy Night”

Snowy Trek

Today I seriously bundled up and ventured out in the woods for an hour of hiking.  Two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, two hats, two pairs of sweat pants, a wool sweater, sweatshirt and regular top along with a hooded coat was my attire – Michelin woman.  It was somewhere around fifteen degrees. Continue reading “Snowy Trek”