Ending the Affair

I have tried to end the affair several times, but I always lose my nerve and get sucked back in by my uncontrollable lustful desires. Last night, I made the resolve to go cold turkey. My husband supports me, but he also practices detachment. It is his Buddha nature. I was honest up front. HeContinue reading “Ending the Affair”


Love might be one of the most overused words in the English language as well as the most misunderstood.  It can span the scale from 0 to 10 in actual meaning.  One might say I love pizza, and then there is waiting for that special someone to say those three words, “I love you.” ItContinue reading “Love”

Some Valentine Red Before February Is Over

We are currently planning something for our upcoming tenth marriage anniversary.  It’s as hard to believe that ten years have flown by as quickly as this month as flown by.  Here are fourteen pictures in red representing some aspects of our lives together.  Needless to say, I’m thankful for our life together.  

Signs of Love Abound

I’m all about synchronicity.  Especially after reading the Celestine Prophecy series I tend to look for signs everywhere.  If I see a bird or animal I will look up their meaning.  I also tend to discard as much as possible any bad omens, unless I have a strong feeling.  In my view, life is betterContinue reading “Signs of Love Abound”

Valentine’s Day Equals Promotion Day

Yesterday was my day out.  Today I just wanted to stay in.  I had no definite plans for dinner but wanted to fix something special.  Along with something special comes a clean house for my husband to walk into and a candlelit dinner.  The candles were a gift to us from a dear friend. TheContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Equals Promotion Day”

For Valentine Month – Thy Will Be Done & How I Met Superman

I was listening to an interview with Debbie Ford. In it she said if you only pray one prayer, pray, “Thy will be done.” I totally agree with that. God can dream much better things for us than we can ourselves even imagine. So many people are looking for their soul mate. I have aContinue reading “For Valentine Month – Thy Will Be Done & How I Met Superman”

A Valentine to My Husband

I think of all the subjects there are specific to the month of February.  For the shortest month, there really is a great deal to write about.  There is Black History Month.  That is particularly relevant to me considering for the past several years I have been researching and writing about the life of SallyContinue reading “A Valentine to My Husband”

Practicing Non-Religion

If God is love in all religions, then isn’t what really matters love?  Love connects us.  Religion when not practiced with love divides and conquers us. Why do we look for differences instead of similarities?  Why does it matter if someone is black or white, American or Indian, rich or poor, Catholic or Muslim?  IfContinue reading “Practicing Non-Religion”

A Moment in Time

I’ve always been fascinated with anything relating to time travel, and I’m a hopeless romantic.  Therefore, it is only natural that my favorite movie is “Somewhere in Time.”  One of the pivotal moments in the movie is when the picture of Elise is taken.  It was the essence of being in love captured on film.Continue reading “A Moment in Time”