Home Made Ice Cream

Perfect for this summer heat!  In June while visiting our daughter we were introduced to home made peach ice cream made in a Cuisinart ice cream maker.  It was delicious – much fresher than anything in the stores.  We purchased one for ourselves. I’m now on my fourth ice cream batch.  A batch is ratherContinue reading “Home Made Ice Cream”

Hiking and Miguel’s Pizza

This past weekend we hiked in the Red River Gorge area.  My aching calf muscles and the stinky sweaty clothes I just today loaded into the washing machine attest to the hilly areas we climbed.  There was a time when hiking was one of our biggest pleasures, but sadly we had gotten away from itContinue reading “Hiking and Miguel’s Pizza”

Dreams and Their Meanings

I have dreamt about hallways for the longest time – decades to be more exact.  A few nights ago I had a hallway dream.  I always seem to be lost (That is also much the case in my waking life.).  I might ask directions but usually try to find my way on my own.  IContinue reading “Dreams and Their Meanings”

Memorial Day Weekend Marathon

I haven’t posted for awhile.  It’s really only been I think a couple of weeks, but in computer time that is probably an eternity.  In essence I’ve lasted close to 5 months on the post a day challenge for 2011.  In fact I have really shied away from the computer and writing, etc., in generalContinue reading “Memorial Day Weekend Marathon”

A Little Yellow Stuff Goes A Long Way

This morning as I was fixing breakfast I was totally amazed to look out the window and see light. – Not just any light, but bright light, the light that comes from the sun.  For the longest time it has been bleak with almost constant rain.  I was beginning to feel we were on Ferenginar. Continue reading “A Little Yellow Stuff Goes A Long Way”

Eats in New York – Pizza – A Tradition

Several years’ back we watched a television show about pizza in New York.  Two of the places featured were Lombardi’s and Grimaldi’s. Lombardi’s has been in business for over one hundred years beginning in Little Italy as a grocery store in 1897 and becoming licensed as the first pizzeria in America in 1905.  On ourContinue reading “Eats in New York – Pizza – A Tradition”

Gardens – A Constant Evolution

There has always been this weird place in our front lawn, and living out in the country in the middle of nowhere we have a huge front lawn.  In actuality the front lawn is as big as wherever you decide to stop mowing and let the field take over.  This particular place just off ourContinue reading “Gardens – A Constant Evolution”

Miracle? Maybe

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, since the end of the A to Z Blogging Challenge to be exact.  Right after that there was a trip to New York, and although I took my computer, I didn’t even take it out of the case.  There was just too much to do. Meanwhile at homeContinue reading “Miracle? Maybe”

Lake Zaca

This is really a continuation of the posts, part 1 and part 2, that I did in March before the A to Z Blogging Challenge. https://athursdayschild.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/serious-trouble-will-bypass-you-part-1/ https://athursdayschild.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/serious-trouble-will-bypass-you-part-2/ Lake Zaca in California was our destination point, where we would meet with other volunteers of our group for a retreat type meeting.  Lake Zaca is located inContinue reading “Lake Zaca”

Yoga & Yogananda

“God Talks With Arjuna – The Bhagavad Gita”  Paramahansa Yogananda Chapter IV The Supreme Science of Knowing God, The Historical Basis and Esoteric Essence of Yoga Verse 3 – I have this day informed thee about that same ancient yoga, for thou art My devotee and friend.  This sacred mystery (of yoga) is, indeed, theContinue reading “Yoga & Yogananda”