Happy New Year Everyone!  Perhaps a little belated. One of my goals for the new year is to learn new things.  That can apply to a variety of different subjects.  One is bread making. I love bread, especially organic seeded bread, which we have been purchasing at Whole Foods – expensive – in more waysContinue reading “2014”

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Last night Chris picked blackberries which we had for breakfast. This morning I picked some kale and lettuce adding zucchini, cucumbers and potatoes from the garden. My goal is for us to eat this today. I’m thinking salad and a veggie casserole.

From the Garden

The various lettuces were picked from our garden yesterday.  There was also some cilantro in there, which came back from last year, and something we are confused about.  My husband says he planted spinach there, but it doesn’t look like spinach.  I think it might be chard.  I made it into a wrap adding someContinue reading “From the Garden”

Salad Inspired by Jamie Oliver

Awhile back we saw the show, “Food Revolution,” hosted by Jamie Oliver.  This took place in Huntington, WV, the town my husband works in.  Just recently they added vegetarian selections to Marshall University cafeteria entrees.  I don’t know if this was inspired by the show, but am glad to see it happen. These directions wereContinue reading “Salad Inspired by Jamie Oliver”

Vitamin C, Water, Juicing, Whatever It Takes

In my old age, as I suffer from various aches, pains, bone popping, body failures I won’t go into, and other discomforts I find myself more and more researching how to reverse these maladies, before they get totally out of hand, by entering into a more healthy lifestyle.  Recently, one condition did get out ofContinue reading “Vitamin C, Water, Juicing, Whatever It Takes”

Cashew Curry

I made this dish a couple of days ago.  I was looking for a recipe using the coconut milk.  I had just purchased a carton hoping to switch over from regular milk, which I mostly use for chai teas.  But the taste just didn’t appeal to me.  And, the coconut milk just didn’t mix withContinue reading “Cashew Curry”

Bring On Spring

Last weekend Chris used the tractor to break ground for the garden.  Temperatures are supposed to get in the 50’s and 60’s this weekend.  We will be out working in the soil soon, once again.  I bought some organic seeds this past week.  At any sign of warmer weather we spend lots of time outdoorsContinue reading “Bring On Spring”

Thank A Teacher – The Apple Campaign

It’s one of those things where synchronicity comes into play.  Yesterday I read an article by Kevin E.:  http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474979081251 Maybe education was somewhere in the back of my mind or in my heart this morning as I tried to meditate.  Suddenly one of those intuitive messages came through loud and clear saying give apples toContinue reading “Thank A Teacher – The Apple Campaign”

Valentine’s Day Equals Promotion Day

Yesterday was my day out.  Today I just wanted to stay in.  I had no definite plans for dinner but wanted to fix something special.  Along with something special comes a clean house for my husband to walk into and a candlelit dinner.  The candles were a gift to us from a dear friend. TheContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Equals Promotion Day”