Spring is the Elixir

Yesterday, I got a much-needed dose of spring tonic. I awoke with clogged sinuses. I didn’t feel well the preceding day. It had rained all day. The good thing is that the rain melted off the snow. My husband encouraged me to use the neti pot. That along with several vitamin C tablets did theContinue reading “Spring is the Elixir”

Barn in Autumn

  Beyond the 3o Day Painting Challenge. I am still only using my Ipad. There is a lot to be said for digital. For the last week we have been organizing photographs before the digital age. I date back to black and white. That gives you some indication of how many pictures there are. Still,Continue reading “Barn in Autumn”

Backside of Barn

This is not the picture I had intended on doing. I had originally wanted to do a picture of beets which may be for tonight’s super instead. But perhaps I will attempt to draw them before we eat them. This needs more work. I need to work on blending better. The trees kind of resembleContinue reading “Backside of Barn”