A Brief Meeting That Turned Into a Book Fifty-Six Years Later

Please check out Sally. I only briefly met her when I was eight years old, but that meeting has forever stood out in my mind. So much so that when, in retirement, I decided to write, I wanted to base a book on her. In celebration of Black History Month… https://www.amazon.com/Sally-J-Schlenker-ebook/dp/B075MDXTQG/

Black History Month

With great love, I wrote Sally. The book is inspired by the life of Sally Ann Barnes, 1858-1969. I met Sally once in 1961 when she was 103. That meeting had a lasting impression on me. I researched her life off and on for seven years. Bronze Winner of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards andContinue reading “Black History Month”

Sally Short – The Eggs

It’s Black History Month.  I wish to dedicate some of this month’s blog writings to Sally Ann Barnes.  I met her when I was eight.  She was 101 at the time.  She lived to be 110.  During my research into Sally I made lots of phone calls and visits to people who had known Sally.Continue reading “Sally Short – The Eggs”

Sally Ann Barnes, the Only Person Born Into Slavery That I Have Ever Met

It’s Black History Month and I actually met someone who had been born into slavery.  Her name was Sally Ann Barnes.  Over the years I have done a lot of research on her, and have written some about her.  Three pictures surfaced while I was doing research.  Maybe there are more out there and theyContinue reading “Sally Ann Barnes, the Only Person Born Into Slavery That I Have Ever Met”

Today’s Finds

It was one or those days when synchronicities ruled – at least shopping wise.  I’ve been mostly staying in during these cold winter months, but had to get out today for an appointment.  I felt the need for black pants and found two pair totaling $7 in the brand and type I wanted.  They justContinue reading “Today’s Finds”