I Love Coffee Shops, But Not Coffee

There is something about coffee shops that draws people.  They are cozy, inviting, a break from the world.  Everyone mellows out and gets along.  Not so with religions, politics, and nationalities.  Yet, all religions, political views, and nationalities come together in coffee shops. My husband drinks coffee.  I drink tea.  I have never noticed anyContinue reading “I Love Coffee Shops, But Not Coffee”

Cooking Together

Chris joined me in the kitchen to make his better ever day sweet potato chips. I made wraps using cream cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, salad greens, tomato, cucumber, shredded purple cabbage, sea salt, and mixed hand-ground pepper. We also had some leftover brown rice with beans seasoned with Indian spice. Afterward, for the first time, IContinue reading “Cooking Together”

Thankful for Simplicity

On some days like today it’s the simplicity that counts.  It’s having enough wood on the porch within easy reach to feed the wood-burning stove in these frigid temperatures.   It’s having good reading material and being able to brew a nice cup of tea (actual leaves) found in a tea shop, Tea Gschwendner, in RaleighContinue reading “Thankful for Simplicity”

Comfort and Cure in Chai

One of my indulgences (I won’t lie and say it’s my only one) during the day is a hot chai latte.  In warmer weather I take it outside on the deck along with a book.  And, in cold weather, curled up in front of the fire, it’s just more perfect. I have been an avidContinue reading “Comfort and Cure in Chai”