Day Seven – Final Day of Art Challenge

geraniumsI was challenged by my friend, Willena Jeane Belden, to post a painting a day for seven days. This is digital art. I just published “The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries” (A Collection of Short Stories). These are illustrations from that book.

Day 7: Skipping ahead to the last story in the book – The Red Geraniums – A young girl runs away from her incestuous father. She finds refuge in an orphanage run by nuns. She only wants to stay and become a nun, and never have to deal with her fear of men again, but the head nun insists she must leave at age sixteen and take a husband.

Yesterday, I goofed, and entitled my post Day Seven, when it was only Day Six. But, this is the last day of the challenge.

5 thoughts on “Day Seven – Final Day of Art Challenge

  1. Thank you for the like. How did the challenge about the little girl go? The art work looks very nice. Take care.

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