Indie Publishing New – July 2017

Source: Indie Publishing New – July 2017 Vicki Goodwin, aka Sojourner McConnell, author of The Path of the Child and Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? (The Dolcey Series 1) is interviewed. She mentions me as one of her favorite authors. I consider this an honor considering the vast plethora of books she reads.  

The Missing Butler

This is the first story featured in my book, The Missing Butler and Other Life Stories (A Collection of Short Stories). The book, both electronic and paperback) is available through various outlets, Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, etc. “IT WAS THAT butler fellow that did it. Robbed me blind of ten thousand pounds” Those were nearly theContinue reading “The Missing Butler”

The Color of Cold and Ice

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Synopsis from Goodreads: Sybil has dreams; the prophetic kind, although interpreting them correctly is another matter. Her latest dream involves her sister Emerald, who wants to pursue her art once more and move on with her life after losing her husband. John, once felt he was making a…

Goodreads Giveaway

The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries byJ. Schlenker(Goodreads Author) Release date: Dec 07, 2016 Enter for a chance to win autographed copy of paperback copy of The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries (A Collection of Short Stories) Color illustrations by the author. Sometimes life is absurd. Sometimes life is serious. Sometimes life isContinue reading “Goodreads Giveaway”

Jessica Lost Her Wobble by J. Schlenker *Spoiler Free* Review

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Goodreads | Amazon | Genres Fiction, Adult, Contemporary Goodreads summary “J. Schlenker’s debut novel, “Jessica Lost Her Wobble,” a finalist in the 2014 William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. “Jessica Lost Her Wobble” is psychological in nature. At mid-life, Jessie, the main character, after many upsets,…

Book Review by The Page Turner

Reviewed by: The Page Turner Book Review: The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries, by J. Schlenker The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries by J. Schlenker Publication Date: November 16, 2016 Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC Language: English ASIN: B01N41RJP7 My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ My Review: When I first started thisContinue reading “Book Review by The Page Turner”