Another Birthday

I’m not sure when I last posted, but, it’s been a while. Yesterday was my birthday. I’m officially social security age. My husband took off work, and we traveled to one of my favorite restaurants, Roots, 2 1/2 hours away, for lunch. We were the first to arrive. The hostess said sit where ever youContinue reading “Another Birthday”

Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln

Today, February 12, is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Abraham Lincoln is making a speech at the end of the civil war where is describing the Rebels as human beings like anyone else.  An elderly woman, a staunch unionist   abrades him for thinking kindly of his enemies when he should be thinking of destroyingContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln”

Your Birthdate – What Does It Mean?

Numerology is the study of numbers.  Each number possesses its own attributes and qualities.  Your numbers, arrived at by your name and birth date, can offer insights into your personality and the life challenges you may face. There are many numbers and combinations of numbers, which affect a person’s life.  I thought I might giveContinue reading “Your Birthdate – What Does It Mean?”

Has Santa Lost His Jingle?

I remember one of my first Christmases.  My parents were visiting someone on Christmas Eve.  It was getting late.  I was so afraid that if I didn’t get home and in bed that Santa would pass us by.  It’s weird the memories of childhood you retain as an adult. Years past.  I had my ownContinue reading “Has Santa Lost His Jingle?”