In 1968, Sally, at 109 is both the oldest and only African American resident of the old-folks home where Alice works as a nurse. Drawn to Sally, Alice sits at Sally’s bedside and asks her about her life, returning home each night to journal about it. Alice discovers something profound, something she takes with herContinue reading “Sally”

Hammock Time in Kentucky

In the sixties for the last couple of days. It’s supposed to reach seventy by tomorrow. On Sunday before last, we celebrated a full week of electricity. Although February is the shortest month, it seemed the longest. After an ice storm and more snow on top of that, along with temperatures in the single digitsContinue reading “Hammock Time in Kentucky”

Recognition for Sally

Sally, inspired by the life of Sally Ann Barnes, 1858-1969, born into slavery in Carter County, KY was listed one of nine moving works of literary fiction. It was chosen along with Mudbound, one of my favorite books of all time. This book was also made into a movie. The following week Sally was chosen as a finalist inContinue reading “Recognition for Sally”


In January of 2008, Chris and I hiked two trails at Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky.  A friend and I were supposed to hike Carter Caves today, but we got rained out. We hiked the Raven Bridge Trail, which is 0.7 miles in length, and the Three Bridges Trail which is 3.5 miles inContinue reading “Trails”

Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln

Today, February 12, is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Abraham Lincoln is making a speech at the end of the civil war where is describing the Rebels as human beings like anyone else.  An elderly woman, a staunch unionist   abrades him for thinking kindly of his enemies when he should be thinking of destroyingContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln”

The Day I Met Sally – She Had Been A Slave

  (This is about my first encounter with a person of color.  I thought it fitting that I should post this during the time we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Sally lived from 1858 until 1969.) Sometime around my eighth birthday was when I first encountered the presence of Sally.  LongContinue reading “The Day I Met Sally – She Had Been A Slave”

Laundry Day

Before modern times there was always a day sit aside for laundry.  I almost feel guilty now to even say I’m doing laundry.  There is not really much to it.  You separate colors and load into a machine that does everything for you.  Likewise, the drying process is even easier.  In fact my laundry isContinue reading “Laundry Day”