A Novel of Color

As November approaches, once again I am gearing up for NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. I recently completed an online writing course, Writeriffic, taught by Eva Shaw. There was an assignment were we had to write as if we were a color. I chose orange. I Am Orange  Originally I had other ideas floating aroundContinue reading “A Novel of Color”

I Am Color

I am currently taking an online writing course. The latest assignment was to become a color and write from that perspective. Here is my piece: Taut strands of warp swallow soft fibers of weft as the shuttle makes its way through to create me. I am carefully removed from the wooden frame and then boiledContinue reading “I Am Color”

Bouquet of Fiber on a Snowy Day

I love color.  I think it started with my first box of crayons.  I particularly loved the big box of sixty-four – more colors to choose from. Later I discovered yarn.  I could be content looking at all the rows of yarn arranged like the colors in a Crayola box in the local dime store. Continue reading “Bouquet of Fiber on a Snowy Day”

Color Comfort – Not Just Going Green

In the last several years’ colors have been taking on a different meaning for me.   I started out early as an artist; therefore, naturally, color played a key role in my life.  I was drawn to tubes of paint like some women are drawn to the shoe department.  A little later I was drawn toContinue reading “Color Comfort – Not Just Going Green”