Winter Reflections from Inside a Snow Globe

  Still snowing, although the weather app says differently. My husband says not too far past our house the snow has melted and the roads are clear. I think we live inside a snow globe. Yesterday, I realized that I use my library card(s) more than I use my credit card. Maybe part of the reasonContinue reading “Winter Reflections from Inside a Snow Globe”

Barefoot Snow Run

Continuing Saga of Snowmaggedon 2016 Our heat pump quit sometime during the night. Zero Degrees. Of course, if it is going to quit, it would be on the coldest night of the year. I hope this is the coldest. The temperature can only go up at this point, right? But, then our weather for the lastContinue reading “Barefoot Snow Run”

The Wild Calls Lazily

The weather, this week has been very strange.  Yesterday I was able to lay in the hammock.  In the last few days we have had below freezing temperatures, but yesterday was almost a summer day.  I was able to lay in the hammock for awhile, after stacking firewood.  This morning we woke up to 70Continue reading “The Wild Calls Lazily”

Snowshoe Heaven

Right before Christmas my husband and I ordered snowshoes.  Internet research said this was a huge calorie burner.  During December we had a couple of deep snows.  We knew we would have to wait until after Christmas for their arrival.  In the meantime, we spent Christmas with my daughter and her husband in North Carolina. Continue reading “Snowshoe Heaven”

Thankful for the Seasons

  I asked my husband what season I am.  He looked intently for a while and said summer.  I knew he would say summer.   The Wild Calls Lazily As Leo I came into the world, feet first, ready to run Not roaring, but gently purring into the sun When freckles are in full bloomContinue reading “Thankful for the Seasons”

Snowy Trek

Today I seriously bundled up and ventured out in the woods for an hour of hiking.  Two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, two hats, two pairs of sweat pants, a wool sweater, sweatshirt and regular top along with a hooded coat was my attire – Michelin woman.  It was somewhere around fifteen degrees. Continue reading “Snowy Trek”

Winter Firewood – Courtesy of a Friend

Today I’m thankful I stacked firewood.  It burned some calories.  More importantly I’m thankful we have it courtesy of a dear friend. Over a couple of years ago while standing at the stove fixing breakfast, a pleasant natural whiff of something, not the eggs, lingered in the air momentarily. Suddenly I thought of my friend,Continue reading “Winter Firewood – Courtesy of a Friend”

Thankful to be Snug As a Bug on This Cold Winter Day

Today was our first snow-covered day.  Temperatures are currently in the twenties and dropping into the teens. We’ve been having problems with our wood-burning stove.  It has been smoking.  Today my husband took on the job of chimney sweep and now it’s working fine.  I’m so thankful for that.  We have a toasty house.  ItContinue reading “Thankful to be Snug As a Bug on This Cold Winter Day”