Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go

We have a long weekend, well, my husband does.  We are trying to pull one of those marathon work weekends because my daughter and her family are coming in one week. My husband planed barn wood, which we originally thought was white oak, but now are leaning towards the thought that it is poplar.  HeContinue reading “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go”

Juice Fast?

Last week I attempted a juice fast.  I lasted three days.  I even had a friend who said she would go on it with me.  She is now on day 9! I did start feeling pretty good and could notice some differences such as a clearer complexion, but I caved.  I just think about foodContinue reading “Juice Fast?”

Vitamin C, Water, Juicing, Whatever It Takes

In my old age, as I suffer from various aches, pains, bone popping, body failures I won’t go into, and other discomforts I find myself more and more researching how to reverse these maladies, before they get totally out of hand, by entering into a more healthy lifestyle.  Recently, one condition did get out ofContinue reading “Vitamin C, Water, Juicing, Whatever It Takes”