A Brief Meeting That Turned Into a Book Fifty-Six Years Later

Please check out Sally. I only briefly met her when I was eight years old, but that meeting has forever stood out in my mind. So much so that when, in retirement, I decided to write, I wanted to base a book on her. In celebration of Black History Month… https://www.amazon.com/Sally-J-Schlenker-ebook/dp/B075MDXTQG/


In 1968, Sally, at 109 is both the oldest and only African American resident of the old-folks home where Alice works as a nurse. Drawn to Sally, Alice sits at Sally’s bedside and asks her about her life, returning home each night to journal about it. Alice discovers something profound, something she takes with herContinue reading “Sally”

Black History Month

With great love, I wrote Sally. The book is inspired by the life of Sally Ann Barnes, 1858-1969. I met Sally once in 1961 when she was 103. That meeting had a lasting impression on me. I researched her life off and on for seven years. Bronze Winner of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards andContinue reading “Black History Month”

Recognition for Sally

Sally, inspired by the life of Sally Ann Barnes, 1858-1969, born into slavery in Carter County, KY was listed one of nine moving works of literary fiction. It was chosen along with Mudbound, one of my favorite books of all time. This book was also made into a movie. https://wiki.ezvid.com/m/9-moving-works-of-literary-fiction-BhHy4jUvyBsyM#9-moving-works-of-literary-fiction The following week Sally was chosen as a finalist inContinue reading “Recognition for Sally”

Feeling Lighter

Yesterday I got my draft of Sally off to my beta readers. When I got to the end and read the last couple of sentences a chill went up my spine and I had an emotional release. I think that’s a good sign. Sally was born into slavery in 1858. She died at 110 on March 31,Continue reading “Feeling Lighter”

Sally Short – The Eggs

It’s Black History Month.  I wish to dedicate some of this month’s blog writings to Sally Ann Barnes.  I met her when I was eight.  She was 101 at the time.  She lived to be 110.  During my research into Sally I made lots of phone calls and visits to people who had known Sally.Continue reading “Sally Short – The Eggs”

Sally Ann Barnes, the Only Person Born Into Slavery That I Have Ever Met

It’s Black History Month and I actually met someone who had been born into slavery.  Her name was Sally Ann Barnes.  Over the years I have done a lot of research on her, and have written some about her.  Three pictures surfaced while I was doing research.  Maybe there are more out there and theyContinue reading “Sally Ann Barnes, the Only Person Born Into Slavery That I Have Ever Met”

The Day I Met Sally – She Had Been A Slave

  (This is about my first encounter with a person of color.  I thought it fitting that I should post this during the time we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Sally lived from 1858 until 1969.) Sometime around my eighth birthday was when I first encountered the presence of Sally.  LongContinue reading “The Day I Met Sally – She Had Been A Slave”