A Rainy Day in Giverny

Giverny is a village in the region of Normandy in northern France. It is the site of the home of Impressionist painter Claude Monet who lived and worked here from 1883 until his death in 1926. The artist’s former home and elaborate gardens, where he produced his famed water lily series, are now the FoundationContinue reading “A Rainy Day in Giverny”

Splurging in Nice

That’s me in the far right corner (backside – best view). I’m really pleased with my hair. We splurged while in Nice. We walked past so many beauty shops (American term), and we both needed hair cuts. I usually cut my own and color my own. I haven’t been to a beauty shop in years.Continue reading “Splurging in Nice”

A Conversation in Nice

We didn’t know what they were when we first saw them, but was immediately struck by their presence, seven monumental men sitting in Buddha like poses atop poles rising to the sky. They sat in meditative poses radiating spiritual awareness in one of Nice’s busiest and most commercial spots, Massena Square. They were created by JaumeContinue reading “A Conversation in Nice”

Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverny

My favorite painters are the impressionists, and I love the quietness and solitude of nature. Thus, it is no surprise that Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny was my favorite place to visit while in France. Maybe that opinion might change if we had visited more than just the Paris and Nice vicinity. All of theContinue reading “Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverny”