A Little Pink Floyd and Ice Cream – Doctor’s Orders

A Little Pink Floyd and Ice Cream – Doctor’s Orders

My husband’s home early today, in bed, suffering from the cold he caught from me, the cold I got from stress.  Or maybe it was the cold weather and torrential rains in California.  Still, I attribute most illness to be from some form of stress.

Even though he’s sick, I’m thankful to have him home with me, plus the little bit of spontaneity in my life today.   By spontaneity, I mean I forsook my hermit like ways and went in with him to work this morning since he wasn’t feeling well and said he was only going to stay for a short while.   Sometimes getting me out of the house can be a major effort especially in colder weather, unless I’m headed toward the woods.

We stopped for some groceries on the way home.  Husbands can be little boys when they’re sick.  He said when I was small and sick my mom always got me Hostess cupcakes and Ding Dongs.  I said, “Do I look like your mom?  – pause – We’ll get some ice cream.”  Okay, I know milk products only add to the congestion with a cold, but sometimes you just need comfort.

He’s presently sleeping it off to Pink Floyd.


3 thoughts on “A Little Pink Floyd and Ice Cream – Doctor’s Orders

  1. Hello Hello Hello- is there anybody in there, just nofd if you can hear me….you may feel a little sick…

    Pink Floyd will cure anything. Or at least what I “USED” to smoke when I first listened to it!

    I Pray he’s better!


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