The Divine Number 3

Our electronic devices are listening. I’ve noticed my husband and I can be having a casual conversation and ads start popping up all over social media regarding some product we may have mentioned. So, whenever I’m thinking about shopping for something and want to see if there are any discounts, I say the product nameContinue reading “The Divine Number 3”

A Peculiar School

I’ve never been much of a collector, but serendipitously I have been coming across animals, the ones I’m writing about. From left to right, Owen Orangutan, Ted E. Polar Bear, Filbert Fox, Hiram Hyena, Densworth Lion, and Ola Owl. This is not a children’s book, although a thirteen year old has read it and understoodContinue reading “A Peculiar School”

Recencione del Libro – Jessica Lost Her Wobble by J. Schlenker

Originally posted on Libro Illustrato by Kyra:
Jessica Lost Her Wobble by J. Schlenker Jessica might have lost her wobble but not me. Hell no. This chica is wobbling to hell and back. This is me apologizing for being a slacker and abandoning my book reviews for the last few months. I’ve been a bit…

Reviewed by Lisaswritopia BOOK REVIEWS, FICTION WRITING, HUMOR, MYSTERY, SHORT STORIES/NOVELLAS The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries – a Review by Lisa • April 10, 2017 • 1 Comment These life mysteries are awesome! Each of these stories is a slice of life with the little mysteries that we encounter. The absurd, the comical, and the mysterious aspects of lifeContinue reading “Reviewed by Lisaswritopia”