Exploring Mystic India

From the film

I needed some uplifting tonight.  We watched the film, “Mystic India.”  I’m fascinated by yogis, those who are truly advanced souls.  I think they come in many forms, some that we would least expect.  I suspect sometimes there are many homeless, as well as people who have suffered incredible life traumas and emerge with incredible inspiration for those they come in contact with, who are such yogis.

India, especially in the region of the Himalaya Mountains, is the land which one thinks of when you hear the word yogi.  These highest elevations in the world are said to hold ancient and hidden mystical wisdom and secrets.  Some have trekked their way through these high peaks on a journey towards their own elevated spirituality and enlightenment.

This film only touches upon the many wondrous possibilities this region has to offer, as you trace the route taken by one young yogi in his own journey of self-realization.   On June 29, 1792,  Neelkanth at age eleven left home and took on the harshest elements, barefoot, minimally clothed, and alone to discover enlightenment on an 8,000-mile journey that spanned seven years.  He endured freezing temperatures and wild animals, visited temples, exploring the diversity of India, while sharing his unique wisdom along the way with those he encountered.  He would later be known as Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

For further reading: http://www.mysticindia.com/index.htm



The film is beautifully done with vivid colors, rituals, and architecture that only India has to offer.

So, tonight, I’m thankful for this inspiration.



One thought on “Exploring Mystic India

  1. I love this post!

    A lot of things have hit my mind reading your words here- will need to develop a bit before I write it down..
    India is indeed a land of mystery and myths too.. Often the two are tangled in each other subtly and yet tightly!!

    Thank you for sharing this nice one- Hugs xox

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