Christmas Shopping

Over the weekend we decided to bite the bullet and get some Christmas shopping done.  We wanted to support artists and shop as local as possible.  We ventured to Berea, KY, not really planned.  We sat in a coffee shop, Third Street Stuff, in Lexington, KY and decided on a whim to drive 30 more minutes and go to Berea.  We found an ornament for our grandson at Third Street Stuff.

First stop was the Kentucky Artisan Center.  I used to do shows with so many of these people.  We were so thrilled to run into Joe Offerman, who was demonstrating wood carving.  Also, we saw that my weaving was on display.  A friend who works at the center suggested we take a picture. She is a potter and she remembered that our booths were next to each other at my first Kentucky Guild Show.  That would have been in 1990, twenty-two years ago.  Wow!  Time flies.  Joe also brought up the show where we first met.

photoMy work is the three Scottish plaid rugs in the picture.

And, of course, of all things, there was a fiber exhibition at the Artisan Center.  It was a day of synchronicity.

We easily found Christmas presents for our family.  We almost came home but decided to head into the town of Berea.  I’m glad we did.  I used to spend so much time there.  We visited a few of the shops, talking to some people we knew and meeting a few new people.

It was a good day out.  That sounds so Wallace and Gromit.  Now, today, we have to get those packages mailed.

Below is one of Joe Offerman’s hand-carved Santa’s that we have as our own.  This weekend we hope to do our little bit of decorating.

Hand-carved Santa by Joe Offerman
Hand-carved Santa by Joe Offerman

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