A Blanket of Silence – Silent Night, Holy Night

On a couple of occasions when friends have written something, with their permission, I’ve posted on my blog spot.  Please enjoy this by my friend, Amy.  This fits today, as we woke up to 8″ of snow.  There was a blanket of silence.  I’m thankful for the gift of silence.

Silent Night, Holy Night

By Amy Smith

Thank you Mother Nature for letting me experience the gift of silence.  This will only get to happen a few times in my lifetime, or at least in a suburban setting a few times, for it is not often we get over 2 feet of snow.  A storm of this magnitude does bring its challenges and dangers to human life, but it allows an opportunity for reflection and insight that many may miss.

My world has been silenced since the storm started yesterday evening.  Mother Nature you are supreme.  What else, maybe besides a man-made war or attack such as September 11, could suspend air travel and traffic and force over 10 million people to hunker down in their homes.  Thank you.  Thank you for the chance to rest and be free of the constant hum of so-called progress; traffic, air travel, noise and light pollution.

What will we do in our homes?  Oh no, a scary thought to some.  Do we have our DVDs ready, our video games, our hand-held electronic devices?  We are going to be so bored.  Our computers will save us.  That’s it, we will go online and “stay connected.”

What do we do with the other humans in our houses?  How do we be with them? Do we have to look at each other?  What do we say to each other?  There are so many more exciting things I could be doing with this time.

I, on the other hand, am so glad Mother Nature.  You are my religion and I bow to you.  Your beauty is unimaginable because every time I think I know your beauty and have seen the pinnacle of it, you present another picture of perfection.  I will use this time Mother Nature to reflect on my qualities as a person but I will also forget I am a person and realize this world is more than me.

Money is not our God.  You are a goddess Mother Nature.  Work your magic on the millions of people in this fast-paced region Mother Nature.  Show us your power, stop us from being slaves to commercialism for a day or two.  Unleash your wrath on us Mother Nature, show us the way.  Silent night, holy night.

One thought on “A Blanket of Silence – Silent Night, Holy Night

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