Losing a Beloved Friend

Picture of Barney and Binka in their younger days.
Today my husband is bringing home a new lab, named Odin, aged somewhere between 3 and 4. Or at least that is the plan. I asked him to please make sure he is agreeable to coming home with him. His current family is moving to Hawaii and can’t keep him.
Part of me thinks it’s too soon. We just lost our lab, Barney, who was around thirteen. Barney was just a puppy when we got him, dropped off at someone’s house. That someone asked if we would want a dog. The rest is history. Barney was actually somewhere between a lab and rottweiler. Barney had the stubby tail of a rottweiler but most of the characteristics of a lab.
Barney has been with us since we started building trails on our farm. He was both a problem dog and fantastic dog. We still have Binka, also part lab, but not as much as Barney. She was dropped off at our house a year after we got Barney. People know we are suckers. When I say Barney was a problem dog, I mean he was like the rock star dog, living to the fullest and totally sacking the yard the way a rock star might sack a hotel. Yet, he was super friendly and a great protector. One day while out walking a pack of neighbor dogs came through the fence and attacked me. There were five of them, and Barney held them off. I fell down the hill, but ran back home safely. Barney came back limping, a little beaten up. My husband fortified the fence after that.
Binka is Barney’s complete opposite, a very polite, obedient dog. Actually, they made a perfect team, like an old married couple.  Now my husband says we should get another dog right away so that Binka can train him. Binka has even trained our cats to catch mice.
I so expect Barney to be sitting by the front door, but he’s not. Binka has now moved over to his place. It’s ironic that just a couple of weeks ago
I finished “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” That book will forever stick with me. Maybe one day soon I will meet a little boy named Barney.

13 thoughts on “Losing a Beloved Friend

  1. Interesting that you have a Binka at your house — maybe you’re already aware of this, but at one point Virginia and Leonard Woolf had a Pinka at their house. Well, sometimes in her diary she called the dog Pinka, and sometimes she used Pinker — same difference in a British accent — but that’s pretty darn close to Binka in my book.

    All best to you and your family, human and canine —

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss. I’ve a 13 year old dachshund named Bunny and she’s so precious to me. She’s my shadow. I swear I think she reads my mind. I can’t imagine being without her, so I am preparing myself the that eventuality.

  3. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I have been doing rescue for over 30 years, and no loss has been easier with time or even after having experienced too many.
    All I can say is our hearts are pulled and poked, they hurt and break, but they are made to take all of the abuse so we can turn around and find another to love. Enjoy Odin!

      1. Awww… the cats. Little trouble makers. I have three senior dogs and 3 cats who are only 3 years old. Eventually they all get along, but there’s never a dull moment!

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