Another Birthday

11813344_10205230658591342_7851279700848925198_nI’m not sure when I last posted, but, it’s been a while. Yesterday was my birthday. I’m officially social security age. My husband took off work, and we traveled to one of my favorite restaurants, Roots, 2 1/2 hours away, for lunch. We were the first to arrive. The hostess said sit where ever you want. I chose the cushioned seats, kind of like a sunken tub, a little hard to maneuver. Luckily, I was still able to maneuver them. Some pictures of the food. Just the other day I saw a video of a woman 92 years of age. She was incredible. She had started yoga in her 80’s, among other things. I’m reminded it is never too late. After lunch, we shopped, and then stopped at another favorite restaurant, Pies and Pints, coming home. And, today, I’m tired. 11201915_10205230658151331_9186327587146195451_n 11846591_10205230659911375_4070484036762197949_n 11796455_10205230660991402_5044962300857726606_n 11204925_10205230665111505_2680264303906654410_n 11235043_10205230667471564_8533312863388894005_n 11813344_10205230658591342_7851279700848925198_n

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