Hiking and Miguel’s Pizza

This past weekend we hiked in the Red River Gorge area.  My aching calf muscles and the stinky sweaty clothes I just today loaded into the washing machine attest to the hilly areas we climbed.  There was a time when hiking was one of our biggest pleasures, but sadly we had gotten away from it over the past few years.

There was no cell phone reception out in the wilderness, which was quite fine with me.  The second morning we started out very early – beating the crowds and found ourselves very alone out on the trail for almost two hours.

On our way down we stopped at a gas station inquiring about any vegetarian restaurants that might be in the area.  The lady at the counter laughed.  To our surprise we found one of the best ever little eating establishments called Miguel’s Pizza just upon entering Natural Bridge State Park.  The pizza was fabulous and very reasonably priced.  You were given a piece of paper at the counter in which you checked off the ingredients you wanted.  There was a wide variety, including tofu, pesto, and roasted garlic as well as a variety of other vegetables.  The ones obtained locally were marked.  Plus, they recycled!  After you ate you distributed your garbage in the proper containers – metal, paper, plastic, etc.  I include what I found on youtube about them to give you some idea:

We are already planning our next trip – hiking and Miguel’s Pizza.

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