Every Moment is Renewal

Someone said they got tired of all the start-overs.  I certainly understand that; but still it’s all in perception.  Also, life would be truly short without all the start-overs. Technically every breath we take is in essence a start-over moment.  Maybe re-thinking it is key.  Every moment is a new moment to improve if need be on the last one.  Hopefully, it’s a continual evolution rather than devolution.  Even when it seems we take only one step forward and two steps back still it’s a learning experience.  More often than not, especially in my own case, it takes several attempts at getting on the right track.

I have lots of improvements to make.  My eating habits are not what they should be.  I feel that going vegetarian two and a half years ago was the right path for me.  Yet, still I’m far from a conscious eater.  I consume too much bread and dairy and not enough fruit and raw vegetables.  Today I vowed to eat both healthier and less.  Another start over.

Still, with all the shuffle in moving both forward and backward, I can look back on where I was ten to fifteen years ago and see progress.  Most commercial foods – that middle of the grocery store section – have no temptation for me at all.  I have a life partner who shares my spiritual interests.  I have practiced yoga and walking out in nature on a fairly regular basis.  It’s when I forgo these last two that I feel the backward movement.  Still with these changes there is so much more improvement to be made.  Meditation needs to be worked on.

I feel my keys to improvement revolve around three D’s:  Determination, Discipline and Devotion.  I am working on those, slowly but surely.  It’s all about practice, practice, practice.  Then maybe in many years or many lifetimes, practice of the three D’s will lead me to the fourth D – the Divine.

I’m thankful for the chance to start over each day.  Slowly, but surely, some of the better habits are starting to stick.

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