It’s a Boy or a Girl! Therefore, Let It Be Yellow

Right before Christmas I shopped for yarn in order to make my daughter and her husband scarves.  I’m a sucker for richly colored and textured yarns.  I’m a weaver, which explains it.  Since I no longer weave as my livelihood I occasionally am drawn to creatively express through knitting.  There was a huge bin ofContinue reading “It’s a Boy or a Girl! Therefore, Let It Be Yellow”

Bouquet of Fiber on a Snowy Day

I love color.  I think it started with my first box of crayons.  I particularly loved the big box of sixty-four – more colors to choose from. Later I discovered yarn.  I could be content looking at all the rows of yarn arranged like the colors in a Crayola box in the local dime store. Continue reading “Bouquet of Fiber on a Snowy Day”

Supporting My Habit

My husband supports my habit, and I’m thankful for that.  On Friday I went into the hobby store for yarn, just one skein, for just one knitting project.  However, the on sale bin was newly loaded with discontinued yarn, which I couldn’t resist. My thought process was all the knitting that would take place onContinue reading “Supporting My Habit”