This one has been a struggle. It wasn’t until the last two days of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that I finally got going in the right direction of the novel I’m working on. That was after reading some passages to my husband who said it needed something, which it did. After meditation on TuesdayContinue reading “NaNoWriMo”

My Vision Board

When the words quit coming, I usually take a break and work on some form of art. Sometimes I’m designing the covers before even starting the book. And, I put them on the Kindle app or iBook app to see how they look. Below, I’ve stuck them in the order of intended publication. Two are alreadyContinue reading “My Vision Board”

More of What I’m Working On

My husband got me an apple pencil for my birthday. I downloaded the app, Paper 53. I’m finding it works close to using a real pencil on paper. Well you don’t have the actual sensual smell or touch of a real pencil and paper, and you can only use it with Bluetooth, but…it’s portable andContinue reading “More of What I’m Working On”

Books Now Available on Smashwords

I have both of my books, The Color of Cold and Ice and Jessica Lost Her Wobble on Smashwords. I have listed both as buyer sets the price. Feel free to get them for free. I hope you will leave me a review on all of the various sites, Smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads, etc. But atContinue reading “Books Now Available on Smashwords”

Birthday Bash

Time to settle back down to real life today. My birthday was Saturday. We started celebrating on Friday, margaritas and flan. On Saturday a day out, Mediterranean, a birthday cupcake, and sushi, a strange combination of food. Also, getting my hair cut. The stylist told me I looked like Debbie Harry/Blondie. I was thrilled toContinue reading “Birthday Bash”