Vitamin C, Water, Juicing, Whatever It Takes

In my old age, as I suffer from various aches, pains, bone popping, body failures I won’t go into, and other discomforts I find myself more and more researching how to reverse these maladies, before they get totally out of hand, by entering into a more healthy lifestyle.  Recently, one condition did get out ofContinue reading “Vitamin C, Water, Juicing, Whatever It Takes”

The Venice Canals – US Version

This is a continuation of the story Serious Trouble will Bypass You – Parts 1 & 2 (earlier posts).  It was our second day in California and we discovered the beauty of the Venice Canals.  I love water, water that is of the non-threatening variety such as floods and tsunamis.  On one side of usContinue reading “The Venice Canals – US Version”

Recipe For Success of the Spiritual Kind

Take in hand, Bowl of Clay, formed from the earth Consciously  pour Edging God Out Into and don’t let disperse Dilute with pure pristine water Swirl around with wood from forest tree By hand of wind formed from air Drip slowly into fire To be engulfed by its ashes Absorbed into the ether Be stillContinue reading “Recipe For Success of the Spiritual Kind”