Today’s Finds

It was one or those days when synchronicities ruled – at least shopping wise.  I’ve been mostly staying in during these cold winter months, but had to get out today for an appointment.  I felt the need for black pants and found two pair totaling $7 in the brand and type I wanted.  They justContinue reading “Today’s Finds”

Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs

I’m thankful for synchronicity and answered prayer. (I believe that every genuine thought is a prayer, and that every prayer is answered.  “Ask and ye shall receive.” On some days we think today I’m going to be happy and we are.  On other days we think I’m going to be sick, and we are.  ThoughtsContinue reading “Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs”

Back to Another New Year

Life Can Be Lemonade It was the end of 2005, after Christmas and before the New Year that we were invited to come spend overnight with some friends and attend a channeling session.  I had never been to a channeling and had no idea what to expect; but I had heard other people talk aboutContinue reading “Back to Another New Year”

Inspired by Nature

I wrote this earlier, but we are once again at this point in Mother Nature’s cycle.  Even though summer is my favorite season I’m thankful for all the seasons, as a different beauty unfolds in all of them. “When I discovered a new plant I sat down beside it for a minute or a dayContinue reading “Inspired by Nature”

Organic Onions and Hiccups

Last night we watched the movie, “Scorched.”  There was a scene where someone had hiccups.  Being scared cured him. Today, perhaps synchronicity, I got the hiccups just as I was entering the grocery store.  Two store employees were talking.  I came up from behind to ask if they had organic onions.  He turned just asContinue reading “Organic Onions and Hiccups”