Vegan Fifteen Minute Woking

I do a lot of stir fry.  It’s simple and I love using my wok which I’ve probably had for thirty years.  It’s also something that is quick, and sometimes I wait until about fifteen minutes before my husband comes home to start dinner preparation.  I’m usually waiting until the last minute to start dinnerContinue reading “Vegan Fifteen Minute Woking”

Very Last Minute Meals

Tonight it was spaghetti – easy.  Last night it was much easier.  I sit a pre-packaged vegetarian sushi pack in front of my husband.  He’s very understanding, though, and just laughed and asked, “Do you want me to take a picture of this?”  I”m thankful he’s so easy going.  But here’s one of those lastContinue reading “Very Last Minute Meals”

An Eastern Touch

It’s that cold time of the year that I’ve been more or less glued to the cabin – our rock cabin.  I’m not really one to get cabin fever.  Yesterday, however, after eight days I ventured out.  My husband and I made a grocery run, Starbucks run, a trip to Marshall’s department store, and ateContinue reading “An Eastern Touch”