Last Year’s Trip to California

We just returned from California.  We also went last year.  Going back in time, this is a reflection on last year’s trip.  It was truly a blessing in so many ways.  There was getting to be on the ocean, reconnecting to friends, meeting new friends, getting to be in the presence of our teacher, whoContinue reading “Last Year’s Trip to California”

Wednesday Warm Up

Wednesday Warm Up I always consider Monday fresh start day, but in this case it is Wednesday. I refer to it as a warm up day due to residues of jet lag. I’m slowly approaching all those new things I’m doing – in most cases they are just what I took a vacation from. AtContinue reading “Wednesday Warm Up”

Taking My Blog to the Beach Today

On this cold winter day, I’m thinking of the ocean and an upcoming trip. The seductiveness of the beach is no secret.  Humans have been flocking to where water meets land since ancient times.  After all what made hundreds of thousands trek across wilderness and treacherous mountains for the ocean blue, well besides gold, thatContinue reading “Taking My Blog to the Beach Today”