Last Day Free

Amazon Link for Jessica Lost Her Wobble This is the last day for the free download of my book, Jessica Lost Her Wobble, the Kindle Version. I download lots of Kindle books. I also buy lots of hard and paperback versions of books. About half of what is in our bookshelves are unread. We haveContinue reading “Last Day Free”

Strange and Exciting

  This morning my husband came back from the post office with our stack of mail that was on hold while we were on a Christmas holiday road trip. My first published book was in the stack of mail. Having the e-book on my iPad was nice, but this somehow made it more real. I wasContinue reading “Strange and Exciting”

Confessions of a Book-a-Holic That Doesn’t Always Read

I don’t necessarily read them.  I just collect them.  I do have certain books I read everyday, usually on some esoteric subject, or some type of self-help book.  I’m the queen of self-help books.  I’m usually reading Yogananda. Books grace most every room in our house.  We even have a small built-in bookshelf in oneContinue reading “Confessions of a Book-a-Holic That Doesn’t Always Read”