When it seems like nothing else in life is working kindness can go a long way, from being kind to others and from kindness received.  It’s one of the few things in the world that doesn’t necessarily involve money. Kindness can be offered in more than just word or deed.  It is also body language. Continue reading “Kindness”

Thank A Teacher – The Apple Campaign

It’s one of those things where synchronicity comes into play.  Yesterday I read an article by Kevin E.: Maybe education was somewhere in the back of my mind or in my heart this morning as I tried to meditate.  Suddenly one of those intuitive messages came through loud and clear saying give apples toContinue reading “Thank A Teacher – The Apple Campaign”

It’s a Boy or a Girl! Therefore, Let It Be Yellow

Right before Christmas I shopped for yarn in order to make my daughter and her husband scarves.  I’m a sucker for richly colored and textured yarns.  I’m a weaver, which explains it.  Since I no longer weave as my livelihood I occasionally am drawn to creatively express through knitting.  There was a huge bin ofContinue reading “It’s a Boy or a Girl! Therefore, Let It Be Yellow”