A Moment of Clarity

My pre-teenage daughter and I were walking back from the beach mid-afternoon through the over commercialized touristy section of Virginia Beach.  She wanted to go into one of the many t-shirt, beach towel shops along the way.  So we went in. There was a lady pushing a wheel chair.  The body of the lady inContinue reading “A Moment of Clarity”

God Sometimes Speaks Through Socks

This happened to me several years ago.  I felt compelled to write about it but didn’t until a few days later as the result of one of those synchronicities.  I read an article about a discussion topic of  “How Does God Communicate With You?” A few mornings earlier I awoke thinking I must look forContinue reading “God Sometimes Speaks Through Socks”

Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs

I’m thankful for synchronicity and answered prayer. (I believe that every genuine thought is a prayer, and that every prayer is answered.  “Ask and ye shall receive.” On some days we think today I’m going to be happy and we are.  On other days we think I’m going to be sick, and we are.  ThoughtsContinue reading “Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs”