Sidetracked by Summer

I tend to become missing in action from the world of blogging at times, particularly in times when the great outdoors calls.  In most instances it is just my backyard calling.  On nice days I even move my yoga mat outside to the grass.  But today it is raining. I have been taking pictures intermittentlyContinue reading “Sidetracked by Summer”

The North Trail and Rocks

  The North Trail, that is my name for one section of the trail.  It’s our newest section of trail, redone, with the tractor.  Trail work is a never ending job, so to make it easier, last year we rerouted one section of the trail where we could get the tractor through for easier maintenance.Continue reading “The North Trail and Rocks”

The Wild Calls Lazily

The weather, this week has been very strange.  Yesterday I was able to lay in the hammock.  In the last few days we have had below freezing temperatures, but yesterday was almost a summer day.  I was able to lay in the hammock for awhile, after stacking firewood.  This morning we woke up to 70Continue reading “The Wild Calls Lazily”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Only 12 degrees according to the weather report, which means it is probably about 5 degrees colder here since we are in a higher elevation area.  We don’t have a thermometer outside anymore but it always registered about 5 degrees colder here. These pictures are from a hike on the farm on January 18, 2009.Continue reading “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”


I was recently honored with the Inspiring Blog Award from A Story Book World: I started this blog as mainly a lesson in thankfulness – a lesson for myself.  I do, also, if possible, try to inspire others as well as myself.  Writing and sharing can be inspirational in itself.  Although this blog isContinue reading “Inspiration”

Wednesday Warm Up

Wednesday Warm Up I always consider Monday fresh start day, but in this case it is Wednesday. I refer to it as a warm up day due to residues of jet lag. I’m slowly approaching all those new things I’m doing – in most cases they are just what I took a vacation from. AtContinue reading “Wednesday Warm Up”

Writing – A Reflection of the Soul

Sixth and Final Reflection for the winter – Shedding Light I belong to a group called Shedding Light, consisting of a small group of women.  We are given writing assignments or exercises, which in essence make us reflect on our inner and own true natures.  The group is seasonal with different women popping in andContinue reading “Writing – A Reflection of the Soul”

Building Hiking Trails

Yesterday I was out hiking and working on the trails around our house.  Several years ago I started hiking for several reasons, to correct some knee problems (it worked), to lose extra pounds (it worked), and to be inspired by nature (it is still working).  I began hiking at a nearby state park, Carter Caves.Continue reading “Building Hiking Trails”