My Kindle Version Free

Through Friday, January 19, “Jessica Lost Her Wobble” is free on Amazon Kindle. Click here for book link. I took a screen shot because it made it to the top three on one list. I don’t think that means a lot. I’m so new to all of this. But, it impressed my husband. Really easyContinue reading “My Kindle Version Free”

A Night of Firsts

Last night was a night of firsts. My husband and I went to our first author reading. Pictured is Red Dawson. He read from his book, A Coach in Progress:  Marshall Football — A Story of Survival and Revival. Other authors who read were John Hash, Laura Treacy Bentley, Carter Taylor Seaton, and Pam Marie Thompson.Continue reading “A Night of Firsts”

Strange and Exciting

  This morning my husband came back from the post office with our stack of mail that was on hold while we were on a Christmas holiday road trip. My first published book was in the stack of mail. Having the e-book on my iPad was nice, but this somehow made it more real. I wasContinue reading “Strange and Exciting”