Pyramids and Ultrasounds

This morning one of the first things that came to my mind was an ultrasound. It was mostly the shape and how it resembled a pyramid. Maybe I am stretching this a bit. I am one of those who believe that the pyramids are much older than history records them as being. Edgar Cayce putContinue reading “Pyramids and Ultrasounds”

Dreams and Their Meanings

I have dreamt about hallways for the longest time – decades to be more exact.  A few nights ago I had a hallway dream.  I always seem to be lost (That is also much the case in my waking life.).  I might ask directions but usually try to find my way on my own.  IContinue reading “Dreams and Their Meanings”

Spa – Treat Yourself at Home

On some days life requires spa treatment or just general detoxification. I’m a big fan of Edgar Cayce and discovered castor oil packs some time back.  Edgar Cayce was known as the sleeping prophet, because while sleeping or more specifically in a trance he gave instructions for treating various elements of individuals for whom heContinue reading “Spa – Treat Yourself at Home”

From Manchester to Manhattan

This is a writing assignment from Mariana, our writing group leader.  I decided to incorporate it with today’s letter “M.”  My name is Jessica.  My dear father named me.  My mother I don’t remember.  I was but a mere babe when she died.  Papa never took another wife.  He loved my mother dearly and couldContinue reading “From Manchester to Manhattan”