Children, The Meaning to Life

A picture of our grandson I did last night on my iPad using Art Studio. This morning I started reading “Tying Rocks to Clouds,” by William Elliott. It’s a book I have been meaning to read for several years. I first came across it in a friend’s home. It is a book about the meaningContinue reading “Children, The Meaning to Life”


Today it must be yard work.  I woke up feeling yard work calling….exterior decorating.  While in meditation this morning the term interior decorating came to mind. The yard had become a jungle while we were gone.  So, the first task was to mow, after a day of rest from the trip.  I so love spendingContinue reading “Hodgepodge”

Party On!

The other day we saw something splendid.  We stopped on the way home from Tractor Supply, one of Chris’s favorite places, to eat at the Mexican restaurant, also one of Chris’s favorite places.  Earlier, we had been to Starbucks, one of my favorite places.  I discovered a new drink, which I will learn to make atContinue reading “Party On!”


Today, I’m thankful to have met a very special child.  Children are always special, but I feel this one in particular has a very advanced soul.  Today, also, I’m thankful to have heard and shared in a lot of laughter.  I met new friends and ran into long lost friends.  It was a special day,Continue reading “Laughter”