Chips Ahoy

We were outside eating dinner and Chris said chips ahoy, thus the title.  I can fix some weird dinners.  Tonight it was Bocca chicken patties with a chutney sauce along with kale chips, zucchini chips, and potato chips inspired by  In my opinion the ingredients for successful chips are parchment paper, sea salt, mixed pepper,Continue reading “Chips Ahoy”

Blackberry Farm

Our farm has so many wild blackberry bushes, that I’m considering naming it Blackberry Farm.  I have yet to run this by Chris.  Above is my first blackberry cobbler of the season.  We picked blackberries until almost dark last night.  The recipe is below.  I had to substitute brown sugar as I was out ofContinue reading “Blackberry Farm”

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Last night Chris picked blackberries which we had for breakfast. This morning I picked some kale and lettuce adding zucchini, cucumbers and potatoes from the garden. My goal is for us to eat this today. I’m thinking salad and a veggie casserole.

Last of the Blackberries

Yesterday’s post was about cherries.  Today, it’s about blackberries.  This weekend we used the last of our frozen blackberries, blackberries that were picked from our farm.  We have an abundance of wild blackberries.  Blackberry picking is hard work.  Plus, the trick is getting to them at just the right time.  There is that moment ofContinue reading “Last of the Blackberries”