A is for Apple and B is for Birth Certificate

A is for apple and B is for birth certificate.  At least that is how it was when my daughter at age two sang the alphabet song.  She started out with a better vocabulary than me. There is a long list of choices with “A” words to begin the A to Z Blogging Challenge with. Continue reading “A is for Apple and B is for Birth Certificate”

Wise Words

I’m thankful for answered prayer.  Yesterday I apologized to my husband for being grouchy.  I had internal suffering going on, beating myself up, and judging myself for my mistakes, my sins.  The same book that I wrote about in a previous blog came to my rescue. I’ve made it a goal to read a chapterContinue reading “Wise Words”

Life-Changing Books

About four years ago I discovered a life-changing book.  It was “Where There is Light” by Paramahansa Yogananda.  I was leaving to pick up my husband from work and hurriedly grabbed a book from the bookcase to read while waiting in the parking lot.  The pure truth of it resonated with me like embracing aContinue reading “Life-Changing Books”