Eating in Asheville

We love the flavor of Asheville, North Carolina, – mostly their mountains, shops and vegetarian/vegan restaurants.  It was our anniversary destination and on route to seeing our family, mainly our grandson. Upon arriving in Asheville, one of the first things we did after settling into our hotel was to go to Laughing Seed Cafe.  ItContinue reading “Eating in Asheville”

Back to Blogging

It’s kind of hard now to make myself even open the computer.  We’ve been away for over a week.  I took my computer, but not once on the trip did I open it.  I basically just used my phone for information and directions, and to count miles walked. Our first stop was Asheville, North Carolina.Continue reading “Back to Blogging”

Portland, Potato Candy, Sprouts, AARP, Asheville

  Sometimes I write things and just leave them on my computer.  This was written sometime last year. Do you ever lie in bed, somewhere between the world of sleep and the world of waking talking mentally to yourself?  You’re going over your recent day, making what you think are brilliant revelations in the modeContinue reading “Portland, Potato Candy, Sprouts, AARP, Asheville”