The Food Facts of Life

We sat at a wise sage’s feet and he told us the facts of life, about the birds and bees, etc.  And it wasn’t at all how I imagined it to be.  I was surprised to learn that babies did not come from storks, but from the food we eat. Possibly I just dreamt this.Continue reading “The Food Facts of Life”


Into the gentle folds of earth I laid down my troubles And felt their release Into soil, rock and grass Into worms and all of God’s infinite microscopic creatures Who beneath made their abode Haven for my tears Streaming down cheeks formed of clay Into earth’s primordial clay Couching my body Better than any man-madeContinue reading “Earth”


There were so many different “D” projects that came to mind today.  They will come in later posts.  Perhaps because I’m a bit lethargic today (I did heavy rock designing most of the day yesterday, and am oh so tired.) and the fact that the day is slipping by, I have settled upon something IContinue reading “Design”

The Venice Canals – US Version

This is a continuation of the story Serious Trouble will Bypass You – Parts 1 & 2 (earlier posts).  It was our second day in California and we discovered the beauty of the Venice Canals.  I love water, water that is of the non-threatening variety such as floods and tsunamis.  On one side of usContinue reading “The Venice Canals – US Version”

The Super Power of Belief

If I could have any super power it would be the power of belief.  It has been my experience that belief can get you through some pretty tough times.  It also can be interchangeable in meaning with faith, willpower and determination, the way I see it.  After all Jesus said with faith even the sizeContinue reading “The Super Power of Belief”

A is for Apple and B is for Birth Certificate

A is for apple and B is for birth certificate.  At least that is how it was when my daughter at age two sang the alphabet song.  She started out with a better vocabulary than me. There is a long list of choices with “A” words to begin the A to Z Blogging Challenge with. Continue reading “A is for Apple and B is for Birth Certificate”