My Vision Board

When the words quit coming, I usually take a break and work on some form of art. Sometimes I’m designing the covers before even starting the book. And, I put them on the Kindle app or iBook app to see how they look. Below, I’ve stuck them in the order of intended publication. Two are alreadyContinue reading “My Vision Board”

Bucket List

My bucket list is minimal. As far as my writing endeavor is concerned, one of my goals was to have my books make it as a book club selection. Jessica Lost Her Wobble achieved that. Another goal was for my ebooks to make it to OverDrive. OverDrive is ebook checkout for libraries. Both books made it toContinue reading “Bucket List”

More of What I’m Working On

My husband got me an apple pencil for my birthday. I downloaded the app, Paper 53. I’m finding it works close to using a real pencil on paper. Well you don’t have the actual sensual smell or touch of a real pencil and paper, and you can only use it with Bluetooth, but…it’s portable andContinue reading “More of What I’m Working On”

What I’m Working On

Chapter 1      “I don’t want to make anyone sad, not even you.” Those were the words she started with, the only words she could think to write. A ton of possible words, explanations, and reasons bombarded her brain before she actually sat at the kitchen table to compose a letter.      SheContinue reading “What I’m Working On”


Other than giving Jessica Lost Her Wobble a facelift (changing the cover a tad, adding some quotes at the beginning, and a Reader’s Discussion at the end), I am also working on a collection of short stories and using my iPad drawings to go along with them. I’m doing this with a program called Vellum, which IContinue reading “Vellum”

My Book is on Nook

I just like saying that. I’m happy to announce that my book (The Color of Cold and Ice) is now on Nook. And, also it is on Kobo, iBooks, Kindle, Scribd, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Inktera, Tolino (A German reader – must have liked my last name) and some others. It has been submitted to Overdrive. OverdriveContinue reading “My Book is on Nook”

Reader’s Favorite Review

Reviewed by Deborah Stone for Readers’ Favorite Jessica Lost Her Wobble by J. Schlenker is a unique love story with unexpected twists and turns. Jessica, more commonly called Jessie, is a woman in her mid-forties with a lot of baggage. Her self confidence is low and she is unsure of everything and everyone in herContinue reading “Reader’s Favorite Review”