Oriental Salad

This was what was for dinner tonight.  Why the name Oriental Salad?  Is is really my take on Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad without the chicken and without regular mayonnaise which contains eggs.  Using chow mein noodles obviously gives it the oriental twist.  I opted to add fruit – strawberries.  I also think sliced pears orContinue reading “Oriental Salad”

What’s For Dinner

On some days I’m just thankful I can get by without really cooking anything for dinner.  Last night was one of those nights.  I just made a sort of party platter for the both of us…..Seeded crackers with cream cheese, strawberries with powdered sugar, and General Tso’s Vegan Chicken, and oolong hot tea. We ateContinue reading “What’s For Dinner”

An Eastern Touch

It’s that cold time of the year that I’ve been more or less glued to the cabin – our rock cabin.  I’m not really one to get cabin fever.  Yesterday, however, after eight days I ventured out.  My husband and I made a grocery run, Starbucks run, a trip to Marshall’s department store, and ateContinue reading “An Eastern Touch”

Every Moment is Renewal

Someone said they got tired of all the start-overs.  I certainly understand that; but still it’s all in perception.  Also, life would be truly short without all the start-overs. Technically every breath we take is in essence a start-over moment.  Maybe re-thinking it is key.  Every moment is a new moment to improve if needContinue reading “Every Moment is Renewal”

Vegetarian Revolution

We recently saw the show, “Food Revolution,” hosted by Jamie Oliver.  This took place in Huntington, WV, the town my husband works in.  Just recently they added vegetarian selections to Marshall University cafeteria entrees.  I don’t know if this was inspired by the show, but am glad to see it happen.  A couple of monthsContinue reading “Vegetarian Revolution”