A Step into Nature and What is Natural

Saturday was clean up day for our county.  So, we took advantage by doing some clean up around here.  A friend brought over a trailer, and my husband and he worked together on both our place and his.  There were people at the unloading spot to take advantage of other people’s discarded stuff.  I’m notContinue reading “A Step into Nature and What is Natural”

Vegan Fifteen Minute Woking

I do a lot of stir fry.  It’s simple and I love using my wok which I’ve probably had for thirty years.  It’s also something that is quick, and sometimes I wait until about fifteen minutes before my husband comes home to start dinner preparation.  I’m usually waiting until the last minute to start dinnerContinue reading “Vegan Fifteen Minute Woking”

Spring, A Time for Projects and Soup

This past weekend we had a touch of Spring.  Today winter is trying to edge its way back in, for I hope what is a short and final curtain call.  Speaking of curtain calls, we got to see the broadway musical, “Hair,” which came to the town where my husband works.  I was of theContinue reading “Spring, A Time for Projects and Soup”

Juice Fast?

Last week I attempted a juice fast.  I lasted three days.  I even had a friend who said she would go on it with me.  She is now on day 9! I did start feeling pretty good and could notice some differences such as a clearer complexion, but I caved.  I just think about foodContinue reading “Juice Fast?”

Salad Inspired by Jamie Oliver

Awhile back we saw the show, “Food Revolution,” hosted by Jamie Oliver.  This took place in Huntington, WV, the town my husband works in.  Just recently they added vegetarian selections to Marshall University cafeteria entrees.  I don’t know if this was inspired by the show, but am glad to see it happen. These directions wereContinue reading “Salad Inspired by Jamie Oliver”

Vegetarian Hot Brown

Before going vegetarian, hot brown, made famous in Kentucky, by the The Brown Hotel in Louisville, was always an okay dish with me, but not to be listed among my favorites.  I had never thought that hot brown could possibly be vegetarian considering its main ingredients were ham, turkey, and bacon, but the vegetarian versionContinue reading “Vegetarian Hot Brown”

Vegan Hot Dogs

I still remember the taste of hot dogs.  I grew up with them, loaded with sauce and cole slaw. Well, actually cole slaw on hot dogs didn’t come until much later.  So, I wanted to re-invent it vegan style, right down to the sauce.  I finally came up with something, which my husband agrees asContinue reading “Vegan Hot Dogs”

Lemon Poppyseed Scones

Lemon poppyseed scones have always been a favorite.  We recently got a new oven – gas – convection, a change from electric.  My previous oven was old and cooked very unevenly.  This was my first attempt using convection.  Everything cooked perfectly, and the scones turned out great.  I left off the glaze – too sugary….maybeContinue reading “Lemon Poppyseed Scones”

Home Made Ice Cream

Perfect for this summer heat!  In June while visiting our daughter we were introduced to home made peach ice cream made in a Cuisinart ice cream maker.  It was delicious – much fresher than anything in the stores.  We purchased one for ourselves. I’m now on my fourth ice cream batch.  A batch is ratherContinue reading “Home Made Ice Cream”