Vegetarian Reubens

One of my favorites. I tried a vegetarian reuben at Remedy Diner in Raleigh, NC, and I loved it. So, I came up with my own version, which melts in your mouth. The pictures should explain the ingredients. I cut strips of tempeh (usually four or five fit on a piece of rye bread) andContinue reading “Vegetarian Reubens”

Three Dishes

Something a little different than normal. I was inspired by a couple of new restaurants we discovered in Lexington – Corto Lima and Kentucky Native Cafe. We ate at Corto Lima for our anniversary. Glad we did. Their food was delicious and different from our usual. It’s Latin inspired. And, they certainly don’t skimp onContinue reading “Three Dishes”

Warm and Toasty after Cold

Twelve degrees this morning (feels like zero according to the weather app – who decides that). But, still for the challenge of it, or to prove our manhood or womanhood, or for the sheer stupidity of it, we dipped in the pool…that is after breaking up the ice on top, slowly, as it feels likeContinue reading “Warm and Toasty after Cold”

Weird Eats

In the brief time between rain, a major hail storm being the later, we ate lunch outside, vegetarian hot brown. Tonight it will be cantaloupe and guacamole as both the cantaloupe and avocados aren’t long for this world. That will probably be topped off with margaritas in celebration that the hail storm did no damageContinue reading “Weird Eats”

Happy New Year!

We spent the holiday break traveling, a road trip. The plan was to surprise my husband’s family on Christmas Eve. And, that we did. They said, best Christmas present ever. It was a long trip, two days down, three days back, three days on the way back because we decided to rest an extra day. Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

Rainy Day and Spiraled Veggies

We woke up to rain this morning, not a bad thing since it fills our cisterns. It’s not a great day to go out. My husband wants me to come pick him up from work since it’s Friday, but like I said, not a great day to go out. I responded, “Why do I wantContinue reading “Rainy Day and Spiraled Veggies”

Pumpkin Bread and Tea

Second day of just having juice and only raw foods.  Incredible headache. It must be chai withdrawal. I am having green tea and still cooking for my husband. Several weeks ago we visited and Indian and Asian grocery store. I found this tea pot there and love it. My husband is amazed, as I am,Continue reading “Pumpkin Bread and Tea”