Our Do-It-Together, Do-It-Yourself Project

We always have projects in the works.  This old house, 100 years old now, is constantly needing repair.  We try to do things the most economical way and utilize as much in the way of recycling as we can. Our living room had just become a catch all for stuff we hardly use.  In fact,Continue reading “Our Do-It-Together, Do-It-Yourself Project”

Christmas Shopping

Over the weekend we decided to bite the bullet and get some Christmas shopping done.  We wanted to support artists and shop as local as possible.  We ventured to Berea, KY, not really planned.  We sat in a coffee shop, Third Street Stuff, in Lexington, KY and decided on a whim to drive 30 moreContinue reading “Christmas Shopping”

Art Rage

I recently purchased an Ipad 2.  I had been contemplating it for quite awhile mostly thinking of using one of the many drawing programs.  I have an art degree from a very long time ago, but haven’t really done anything except weaving for a very long time.  Sometimes I get out art supplies, but itContinue reading “Art Rage”

A Little Yellow Stuff Goes A Long Way

This morning as I was fixing breakfast I was totally amazed to look out the window and see light. – Not just any light, but bright light, the light that comes from the sun.  For the longest time it has been bleak with almost constant rain.  I was beginning to feel we were on Ferenginar. Continue reading “A Little Yellow Stuff Goes A Long Way”

A Little Pink Floyd and Ice Cream – Doctor’s Orders

A Little Pink Floyd and Ice Cream – Doctor’s Orders My husband’s home early today, in bed, suffering from the cold he caught from me, the cold I got from stress.  Or maybe it was the cold weather and torrential rains in California.  Still, I attribute most illness to be from some form of stress.Continue reading “A Little Pink Floyd and Ice Cream – Doctor’s Orders”