Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs

Last night after several attempts I think I successfully drew a dog.  At least my husband said it looked like a dog.  The first attempt reminded me of the salt monster on one of the very first Star Trek episodes.  I can’t say what breed this is, if any.  I’m posting with it a storyContinue reading “Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs”

Frogs and Toads

Last night I had a string of vivid dreams.  The memory of them is fuzzy now, but each one somehow led into the next.  At one point there was a bright green frog or toad in my dream.  I can’t remember why it made an appearance, but it stood out as some 3D vision withinContinue reading “Frogs and Toads”

Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle

Intuition and synchronicity came into play this morning, as it does so often, in determining what the “J” word would be.   I picked up the book I am currently reading.  In today’s chapter the word jigsaw was used.  A few minutes later I played a word scramble game where you have to make as manyContinue reading “Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle”

Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 1

Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 1 We didn’t know just how true that was as my husband and I read our identical fortunes from our cookies after lunch before catching a plane.  We had allowed plenty of time and then some for our two and one-half hour drive to the airport.  We hadContinue reading “Serious Trouble Will Bypass You – Part 1”

Signs of Love Abound

I’m all about synchronicity.  Especially after reading the Celestine Prophecy series I tend to look for signs everywhere.  If I see a bird or animal I will look up their meaning.  I also tend to discard as much as possible any bad omens, unless I have a strong feeling.  In my view, life is betterContinue reading “Signs of Love Abound”

God Sometimes Speaks Through Socks

This happened to me several years ago.  I felt compelled to write about it but didn’t until a few days later as the result of one of those synchronicities.  I read an article about a discussion topic of  “How Does God Communicate With You?” A few mornings earlier I awoke thinking I must look forContinue reading “God Sometimes Speaks Through Socks”

Today’s Finds

It was one or those days when synchronicities ruled – at least shopping wise.  I’ve been mostly staying in during these cold winter months, but had to get out today for an appointment.  I felt the need for black pants and found two pair totaling $7 in the brand and type I wanted.  They justContinue reading “Today’s Finds”

Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs

I’m thankful for synchronicity and answered prayer. (I believe that every genuine thought is a prayer, and that every prayer is answered.  “Ask and ye shall receive.” On some days we think today I’m going to be happy and we are.  On other days we think I’m going to be sick, and we are.  ThoughtsContinue reading “Law of Attraction Gone to the Dogs”

Organic Onions and Hiccups

Last night we watched the movie, “Scorched.”  There was a scene where someone had hiccups.  Being scared cured him. Today, perhaps synchronicity, I got the hiccups just as I was entering the grocery store.  Two store employees were talking.  I came up from behind to ask if they had organic onions.  He turned just asContinue reading “Organic Onions and Hiccups”